The 6 Best Oval Diving Masks in 2022

Ready to go diving and you want the best oval dive or snorkel masks?

This is where you should be, here you will get a list of the best and safest oval dive mask that money can buy.

Learning how to dive and wondering what it would be like? it is fun we assure you especially when you have the right oval diving mask at hand, and that’s what we’re here to provide you with.

Oval masks are a bit old school but any professional diver will tell you that there are actually the best, even better than normal-shaped dive masks.

We love them for their durability, high leakage tolerance, and it fits good on people with moustache.

Sadly, even with all these features, it has almost gone extinct, not a lot of divers use oval diving masks in 2022.

However, if you are here because you want to invest in an oval mask, just relax and read through the list of the 6 best oval dive masks that we’ve got for you, our favorites, plus more.

The Top 6 Oval Dive Masks in 2022

1. MIDYOO oval HD diving mask

This oval HD dive mask from the very popular brand, MIDYOO is for adults male and female.

Has a stainless steel frame that doesn’t obscure views underwater and it has a panoramic HD view.

it can also be used as a free-diving mask.

For now, this oval mask comes in just one color, in black but it’s nothing as it still serves it’s purpose. 

Has a tempered anti-scratch durable glass, the stainless steel frame is very durable and lasts without deformation. Has unobstructed view underwater and a large view frame. Has an anti-fog lens that doesn’t get blurry.

It has a buckle that provides a fast way to securely fit the mask, and it can fit different head size.


  • Has durable stainless steel frame.  
  • The mask has a buckle that lets for perfect fit.
  • Has an anti-fog no blur lens.


Comes only in one size for adults.

2. Seavenger hydra retro oval diving mask

This is another great single lens classic oval diving mask, used for snorkeling, scuba diving, and freediving.

This mask has a retro shape, note that this is an old school oval shape which brings out a panoramic view.

It does not have a nose bridge, neither is the lenses split, that often obstruct the divers vision.

This single lens mask gives a clear picture of everything you see below at sea.

It comes with a scratch resistance lens and this lens is very strong, the scratch resistance works against grainy sands and resist impact from knocks and drops.

This is a mask made for adventure, it is very strong and very sturdy.

It has a silicone mask skirt that is very soft and it adjusts to your face easily.

This mask also has hypoallergenic that works very well for diversity with sensitive skin.


  • Has scratch resistance lens.
  • Very soft and comfortable skirt.
  • An adjustable buckle on both side of the mask.
  • Very strong sturdy glass mask.


This mask is prone to leak if you get the wrong size for your face size and shape.

3. Promate classic oval silicone mask

This diving mask does a very effective job when diving helps with underwater clarity among other things.

It has 1 window classic design that allows a wide range of view while underwater.

Has an adjustable strap to fit for different head size, and for long positive seal life.

Its style is unique and hard to find on other diving masks.


  • It has a nice field of view.
  • It has a sturdy durability.
  • Long lasting anti-scratch lens.
  • Adjustable strap for perfect fit on different head size.


Only comes in black color and also it has a metal trim around it which may not fit the aesthetics of some divers.

4. IST Tortuga oval scuba dive mask

A single lens oval scuba dive mask from the IST brand, with a classic modern engineering style.

This mask has a simple but classic style, its oval shape is nostalgic to the old school scuba diving times.

This was a time when the mask they used looked a lot like the IST M27 Tortuga mask.

The style of the mask is something long time divers really appreciate.

Just because it has a nostalgic shape to the old scuba masks doesn’t make it obsolete, it has a unique style, very durable, with tempered glass lens, silicone skirt that brings comfort, and an adjustable buckle for the best fit.

Not to forget, it also has a panoramic view, for an incredible view of the ocean.


  • Has a unique style but very durable.
  • Has tempered glass lens.
  • Silicone skirt for comfort.
  • Adjustable buckle for perfect fit.


It is not cheap.

5. Yotijar classic oval diving mask

An effective multi-purpose unisex adult mask for different sport activities, like swimming, snorkeling, spearfishing, scuba diving etc.

It has a wide field with anti-fog UV protective design that gives the wearer a very clear vision under water.

It has a tempered glass that resists scratching, and it also withstands deep underwater pressure.

This oval dive mask is water-proof, it doesn’t leak (100% leak-proof), and it allows for no pressure feeling.

It is made up of premium silicone skirt, with a strap for adjustment, which allows for it to fit different face, with different shape and size.

Diving experience underwater with this mask can be very comfortable.


  • Has anti-fog UV protective design for clear vision under water.
  • Very affordable.
  • Scratch resistant tempered glass.
  • Able to withstand deep water pressure.
  • Water-proof and 100% leak-proof.
  • Allows for comfortable experience underwater.


Comes in only one color, black.

6. Amagogo classic oval diving mask

This mask is a tempered glass no-fogging underwater mask and like the rest of the masks on this list it is very effective for diving especially if you have beards.

It gives a very comfortable fit on the face thanks to the silicone mask strap.

We love the stainless steel hoop, couple with lens outside case which makes it sturdy.

This mask is very good for scuba diving and free diving.

Then as a plus, comes with very clear straight-line, tough glass that is explosion proof, scratch proof, leak-proof, and it prevents against low pressure feeling.


  • Silicone mask strap for comfortable fit.
  • It has very clear line of sight.
  • It has tough explosion proof glass. 
  • The lens is made with an anti-scratch glass.
  • This mask is leak-proof.


The strap system may be too tight for a diver with a very large head.

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