The 5 Best Scuba Mask With Red Lenses And Red Filters

Are you in need of scuba masks with red lenses or red filters?

Well your search has come to an end, I have a list of what you are looking for right here.

Scuba diving is a fun activity, something I enjoy getting involved with and I’m sure you do too, unless you’re new to it but that doesn’t matter we’re here to get you started on the best scuba masks with red filters.

Scuba masks with red lens or filters helps divers to see better at greater depths, increases contrast, and it can make panoramic views very pleasing to the eye.

Although red lenses or filters on scuba masks are not-so popular as a lot of divers do not use them; majority carry a flashlight underwater, red lens scuba masks are still very much used in some parts of the world.

Most divers prefer scuba masks with clear lenses as it shows the real colors of everything when underwater. However, in my opinion I think scuba masks with red lenses gives you a balanced underwater and they have always worked pretty well for me.

In this guide, you will see a list of the best scuba masks with red lenses and red filters, my favorite picks, and more.

The 5 Best Scuba Mask With Red Lenses Or Red Filters

As I have mentioned, red lenses or filters on scuba masks are not-so popular as a lot of divers do not use them; majority of divers carry a flashlight underwater, red lens scuba masks are still very much used in some parts of the world due to it’s excellent clarity.

Let’s get started with my favorite picks of red lensed scuba masks.

1. Promate matrix color correction mask

This is a highly recommended scuba diving mask that can be used by both expert divers and beginners.

When I took it snorkeling in summer 2021, it gave me a very sharp clarity that made every dive an adventure and yes you can also use this mask for scuba diving.

It helps you see clearly in the depth of the sea due to the red lens it comes with. The vision in the depth of the sea is excellent, has two window style low volume design.

The Promate mask lenses are made with 100% UV tempered safety glass. This a quality mask that is great for the price, not over the top.

Another thing I love about this mask is that anyone with a medium or large face can use this mask, it has a slim frame which takes out the bulky look which most masks usually have.


  • It has a liquid silicone crystal skirt.
  • This mask comes with two tinted red lens and yellow lenses.
  • Doesn’t fog up easily.
  • Has a fast release buckle, which allows for removal of strap in different angles.
  • It has a liquid silicone crystal skirt.


The only downside to this mask is that it is made mainly for people with medium to large face size, if you have a slim or skinny face the silicone skirt might not fit securely on your face and thereby leaks may occur.

2. SeaDive superview-HD scuba mask

Here’s another absolutely stunning scuba and also spearfishing mask, made with very durable plastic material.

It is the superview-HD with Anti-UV features and rarely fogs up even after prolonged use.

This is one of SeaDive’s most popular mask and this is the best mask i have owned.

What I love most about this mask is it’s sea-shaped high definition lens that sharpens the view underwater, it defines faint edges to reduce distortion.

It changes harsh white light to a calm blue light for reduced eye strain when you are underwater.


  • It has wide field vision as it also a single lens mask.
  • The lens brightens vision.
  • Has a rigid frame.
  • It has coated lens which also filters out UV and glare.
  • Silicone skirt is very soft.


If you have a very full beard or goatee, this mask might leak as it doesn’t really have a large nose pocket.

3. Tysonir foldable full face snorkel mask

This mask is from the Tysonir brand, it is one of their best if I might add. It has a unique new feature: a safe breathing system.

I understand that most divers are often skeptical about full face scuba masks but this one is great according to my colleagues.

Although I haven’t actually used this mask, I have heard a lot of good things about it. They say it has 180 degree panoramic view, it is water proof, and has anti-fog lenses.

It has a double airflow mist exhaust channel, has a comfortable elastic headwear, has a sport camera mount for swimming sports, and an anti-fog ging system.

While swimming you can go up to the surface where the air valve at the top of the mask opens and air comes in and then it closes so water won’t come in and you can go back down to continue whatever it is you’re doing at the time.

It is used for snorkeling and very effective for scuba diving as well and with red lens for clarity in water.

This mask’s design is a middle air inlet and outlet on each side which makes it safe to use when you are in the water.

So that means that you will not get dizzy or suffocate from breathing in mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide underwater.


  • A safe breathing system.
  • It has a compact camera mount.
  • Comes with three completely independent air channels.


If you are claustrophobic you might not be comfortable with wearing this scuba mask for a long time underwater.

4. SeaDive ray-blocker HD mask

This mask is the only mask that I have used that have given me the best nose purge feature.

With it’s great nose purge system, you can enjoy long dives without being worries of water getting into your nose.

Apart from this mask being adorned with red lenses, it is flood-free, all these helps to keep the inside of your mask dry even when you are underwater.

This mask has tempered ray-blocker HD red glass lenses, for clear vision both in and out of the water, great for newbie divers too.

Tempered glass lenses are common with most scuba masks nowadays, but only the SeaDive eagleye HD purge scuba mask has a ray-blocker HD lens treatment added to the tempered glass which blocks out UV rays which you know are harmful to the eyes.

Unlike the distortion and glare that comes in when you use other masks this ray-blocker treatment blocks all that out.


  • The tempered glass is constructed to improve durability and safety for its users.
  • Great purge valve system.
  • Offers an almost perfect clarity underwater.
  • Very comfortable on the nose area.
  • No fogging.


If you have a large or big nose this scuba mask might not be too tight on the bridge of your nose.

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5. XS scuba switch mask

This is one of my personal favorites, I like how casual it is, but still very effective for scuba diving and the fact that it comes as a kit.

The mask kit has mask bag, 3 lens filters (Tinted, Amber, and Red), a caddy, a free magenta filter, and my all-time favorite, the mask itself. LOL

This mask which comes originally with a clear lens has a slot in the frame’s top which allows the user to quickly remove and drop in varieties of lens filters.

These filters that are fixed just in front of the permanent lenses of the mask and they are secured by a hook and loop fastener strap system.

About the filters:

  • Red: When sunlight penetrates the water the warm color fades but the red lens enhances the warm color, so it becomes visible to see.
  • Tinted used for surface swimming or shallow dives on a sunny day
  • Magenta: The masks magenta is used  for color correction in green water.
  • Amber: In situations where low light is present, the masks amber improves contrast.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Perfect seal.
  • You can use the mask without the filters.


It may be hard to maintain the filters that this mask comes with, as they are too many, you might end up misplacing them if not careful.

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