The 5 Best Scuba Fins For People With Weak Ankles

Finding the perfect set of scuba fins that will suit your orthopedic needs can be a hassle if you do not know where to look.

If you have weak ankles then you will probably have a weak, you should invest in scuba fins that will allow you to drive forward your legs without much effort.

Softer compound split blades fins would be a good choices for any diver that have ankle problems. They do not strain the ankles too much.

So I having done my market research, I have been able to come up with this list of comfortable scuba fins for people with weak ankles, they are all in this guide.

The 5 Best Scuba Fins for People with Weak Ankles

If you are a diver and you have weak ankles or even prone to leg cramps, you should consider diving fins that go easy on your ankles.

The type of fins that will not require you to put a lot effort while propelling underwater.

However, in addition to getting a comfortable diving fins for your weak ankle, I need to put it out there that your kicking style can sometimes affect the weight and effort on your ankles.

So adopting a new kicking style like the modified flutter may be lessen some pressure around your ankle area.

Moving on, let’s get started with reviews of the best scuba fins for people or divers with weak ankles:

Best cheapest scuba fins for weak ankles: ScubaPro Twin Jet scuba fins

If you are a diver with weak ankles and also on a budget then this ScubaPro Twin Jet scuba fins might be perfect for you.

Although they look heavy on dry, trust me once you enter the water with them, you would not even notice the weight (simple law of physics).

These scuba fins offers more thrust power and requires less effort to kick than regular scuba fins, this is because of the split fins design and also these fins are very fast even with a modified flutter kicking style.

These fins also has an extended sole plate that allows the wearer to maximize energy with every kick.

The easy-to-adjust buckles and its soft foot pocket makes it very comfortable for any diver with weak ankles or arthritis to wear for even a long period of time.

However, if you want to order these fins, I would suggest going for your exact size, never go a size up as they tend come in ridiculously big sizes.

Best overall scuba fins for people with weak ankles: Force Fin original diving fins

Theses Force Fin original fins is one of my favorite as it is the only fin that can give you enough thrust power and at the same time, delays fatigue by reducing oxygen depletion with every kick.

Additional, these fins has an open toe design that gives the wearer the freewill to wiggle their toes as they would like even in the water.

You would notice that these fins is not like any on this list, it has a V-shaped fins, but these fins doesn’t hinder any of its wonderful features like fast propelling features.

Best angled blades diving fins for weak ankles: Oceanic Vortex v12 scuba fins

These particular fins is made with Duroprene and natural rubber that’s why it is so flexible, low effort, and comfortable on a diver with weak ankles.

They have a very spacious foot pocket that can fit any foot size, also these fins offers the best angled blades that allows the diver to swim in almost any angle without straining their legs and ankles.

Additionally, these Oceanic fins has a split-fin design and it weighs about 5 pounds, don’t worry you won’t feel the weight when you are in the water.

Best fastest scuba fins for people with weak ankles: Apollo Bio-Fin Pro scuba fins

When you are looking for the fastest scuba fins for your weak ankle, Apollo Bio-Fins diving fins are usually what would be recommended by experts.

Even though they are the fastest, these fins are very low effort, they offer up to 40% muscle fatigue reduction for the wearer.

The foot pocket is an open toe design that gives more comfort to the diver, with added excellent maneuverability and great position control.

Personally, the only thing I didn’t like about them was the strap style, I had to take them to a local dive shop to change them to these type of straps to be able to use them.

Other than the strap type, these fins are really great for any diver with weak ankles.

Best buckle system scuba fins for weak ankles: Atomics Aquatic Smoke diving fins

These Atomics Smoke fins was what I was using before I changed the straps of my Apollo dive fins, I loved because of the 180 degree swivel spring strap.

However, I did go back to using my Apollo Bio fins though, because I really wanted to use them, I had to give these Atomics fins to my in-law.

Another thing I loved about these fins when I was using it, was how lightweight it was both in and out of the water, it was soft on the feet too.

Since it has a split fin design, it made every kick soft and effortless, it left no strain after every dive.

These are full-foot diving fins too, so your whole feet fits comfortably in the foot pocket, worth every penny.


These weak ankle diving fins that I have listed in this guide are great for any budget, they all have similarities yet different.

So if you are in this market for comfortable scuba or dive fins that are low effort and still delivers the needed propelling, then go through this guide.

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