How To Clean Rust Stain From A Drysuit

How To Clean Rust Stain From A Drysuit

Looking for a way to clean rust off of a drysuit?

Drysuit is a rubber suit made of neoprene or membrane fabrics. 

They are also called tri-laminate, which is a term that means different kinds of membrane fabrics as proof that dry suits are made of different kinds of membrane fabrics or neoprene.

Dry suits that are made from neoprene are however the best kind of drysuit.

They are made to prevent water from entering while you are engaged in any water activity, this makes dry suits suitable to use in very cold water.

However, they can get very uncomfortable and hot in warm or hot air but keep your body completely dry while diving, swimming, paddling, etc. It is best to keep the suit on a drysuit.

Dry suits are rather expensive and not so easy to maintain; when they get stained, cleaning it up is rather tricky, especially if you are dealing with stains like rust (this can happen when it has been stored in the wrong place)

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In this guide, you will learn the best ways that you can clean rust stains from a dry suit.

How To Clean Rust Stain From A Drysuit

Rust stains are not normal stains, very odd looking, and they are very stubborn and most times very hard to get rid-off.

A bad stain like that on a drysuit would eventually damage the drysuit and render it useless, causing the owner to lose the drysuit and in turn lose money because a new one is usually very expensive.

Here are the steps to removing rust stains from a drysuit:

Step 1: Make a paste for stain removal

Pour 3 or 4 teaspoons of vinegar or lemon juice into a clean bowl, add salt to it, and mix to form a thick paste.

Then use a hand glove or a wooden ice cream spoon to rub the paste over the rust stain on your suit.

Step 2: Sun-dry the stain with the paste on it

After applying the paste very well on the rusted part of the drysuit, place it in the sun exposing mostly the rusted area for about an hour.

Step 3: Dampen and brush off the stain 

After the paste must have dried up in the sun, dampen it with a bit of lemon juice or vinegar.

Since these two liquids have a certain amount of acid in them, they will help remove the stain further, use an old toothbrush this time to scrub off the rust stain.

Nevertheless, some rust stains are not so stubborn and can be cleaned easily, the process is similar to the one for stubborn rust stains which we just explained.

The only difference between the two is that you will need to sun-dry the suit after applying the paste for about 20 minutes and then dampen, brush off, and rinse the stained area with clean water.

Note: If you do not have the time for this DIY, you can always use this fabric rust remover; it should give the same results too.


And that is how to remove stubborn and mild rust stains from a drysuit at home.

Although it is not easy to know which rust stain is stubborn or not, you can try out both methods to be sure.

Use the method which doesn’t take up so much time first and if the stain remains use the other method to get rid of the rust stain.

We hope this guide has been able to help you clean rust stains from your drysuit; if yes, you can share the link with others who might need it.

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