How Long Will A Scuba Cylinder Last At 20 Meters?

How Long Will A Scuba Cylinder Last At 20 Meters?

If you are an experienced diver, you will know how essential scuba cylinders are.

Scuba cylinders are what you use to store nitrogen gas, this will enable divers to breathe underwater.

As you are a beginner diver or if you are just curious, you might want to know how long and what distance a scuba cylinder lasts underwater.

A scuba cylinder lasts about 60 minutes on the surface of the water, and at 20 meters depth, you should be breathing in air three times the normal frequency. So a scuba cylinder at 20 meters will last only for 20 minutes.

Although, ordinarily it may last less than 20 minutes, as adrenaline and nerves while in-depth can increase your breathing to up to four times the normal frequency.

In this guide, you will learn how long a scuba cylinder will last at 20 and 47 meters underwater, how much a scuba cylinder weigh, how much a brand new scuba cylinder cost, recommended scuba cylinder, and more.

How long will a scuba cylinder last 20 meters underwater?

It is very important to know beforehand how long your scuba cylinder can last at any given depth.

As the cylinder is what contains the gas that will help you breathe properly in-depth or while scuba diving, you need to pay attention a lot so that you do not get stranded underwater.

At 20 meters depth, a scuba cylinder containing gas can last up to 20 meters or less.

There is in fact no straight answer because a lot of things can go south while inside the water.

However, it is still important to have a rough estimate of what you are up against so that you can be able to control your air consumption.

How long will a scuba cylinder last at 47 meters?

At a depth of 47 meters, a scuba cylinder even in the hands of an experienced diver that has mastered air consumption, will last about than 8-10minutes.

Keep in mind that this is a ballpark figure because while in-depth, our nerves can make breathing a lot faster, so the minutes may even be less than 8 minutes.

How much does a scuba cylinder weigh?

A scuba cylinder weighs about 30 to 35 pounds depending on the material it is made with.

An aluminum scuba cylinder naturally weighs more than a steel scuba cylinder.

This is because aluminum scuba cylinders have very thick walls to make up for the low tensile strength which the latter doesn’t have.

How much does a brand new scuba cylinder cost?

A brand new scuba cylinder or tank costs from $220 and upwards. While the cost of a used one ranges from $80 to $180.

However, you should know that the price of a scuba tank depends on the capacity, that is the amount of gas it can contain.

For newbie divers it is recommended that they start from a smaller cylinder then as they gain more experience, they should consider a bigger scuba cylinder.

Recommended scuba cylinder for divers

Whether you are starting out or already a pro, for the best diving experience, there are a couple of things you need to consider before choosing a scuba cylinder.

This is to avoid inconveniences when you are underwater. They are as follows:

  • The size of the cylinder: a diver that is on the shorter side should choose a cylinder that is small to medium as it will be easy to manage in and out of the water.
  • Material make-up: A scuba cylinder that is made of steel is more durable and lightweight as opposed to the ones made with aluminum.
  • Capacity and pressure: the higher the capacity, the higher the pressure. A high pressured scuba tank is your go-to when it comes to storing gas safely.

There are many options for recommended scuba cylinders for every budget and diver out there and we can’t review them all here.

However, we highly suggest this steel one as most of our diver friends have had a lot of good things to say about it.

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If you have gotten to this section in this guide, you must have gathered a little knowledge on how long a scuba cylinder will last in different meters of depth, especially while diving.

You may have also read how to choose the best type of scuba cylinder (tank, or diving tank) for a great diving adventure.

Additionally, you must have learned how much an average scuba cylinder costs, why a high-pressure diving cylinder is the best, and why steel scuba cylinders are better than aluminum scuba cylinders.

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