The 5 Best Scuba Tanks For Small Women Divers

Disclaimer: Before sharing the best scuba tanks with you please note that: Scuba tanks are only designed for trained or certified scuba divers, so make sure you have a diver certification at first. And whatever training you have, do not go more than 10 meters underwater, and most importantly BREATH OUT WHILE HEADED TO THE SURFACE.

If you already have a scuba mask, the next thing that follows even before a BCD jacket should be a scuba tank.

Scuba tanks are as important to a certified diver as air is to non-divers, they contain oxygen that helps the diver breath properly underwater; they come in different shapes, sizes, material make-up, and colors.

And the same way those tanks come in different sizes, that is also the way divers have different body shapes and sizes.

If you are a female diver and you also have a small or petite body type, you would know how challenging it is to find the right size of scuba tank, you know, a tank that won’t weigh you down or give your shoulder cramps while underwater.

Recently scuba diving brands have started making portable scuba tanks, these portable tanks can also be called mini scuba tanks; they contain a little less oxygen than an average scuba tank because of their capacity, they are still very handy underwater, and easy to refill.

In this guide, you will see the reviews of some of the best scuba tanks for female divers with small or petite body type.

The Top 5 Scuba Tanks For Small Framed Women

When choosing a scuba tank as a female diver with a small framed or petite body always consider the following points:

  • Always go for tank that can contain the amount of gas that would sustain you during diving,
  • Easy to refill, and
  • Easy to carry behind without having to bend your neck all the time.

With these three points in mind, you will be able to make a good choice when buying a scuba (diving) tank.

1. Best Scuba Tanks for Small Women: Faber Stealth HP80 Steel Tank

If you want a scuba tank that would not interfere with your neck during, this HP80 is for you.

The height is just right for a small body type or any diver who is below 5”6.

The steel material and zinc galvanizing spray and an epoxy top coat will make this diving tank last a longer than most diving tanks in the market.

This tank has a working pressure of about 3443 psi (237 bar) and weighs about 28 pounds when it is completely empty, however its total weight underwater may not be noticeable due to buoyancy effects.

It is a short tank but if you plan on diving doubles, getting two HP80 won’t be a very bad idea since anything over 80 may be too tall and uncomfortable for a short or small diver.

2. Best Scuba Tanks for Small Women: XS Scuba AL80 Sea Pearls Tank 

These AL80 scuba tanks are often referred to as 12-liters tanks when it is in fact an 11-Liters tanks.

Besides that this AL80 diving tank from XS scuba is a great choice for short divers due to its length, however, it is only great for short dives unless you are planning for getting doubles.

It is made with aluminum which is less heavy than steel, so lugging two of them while diving and putting buoyancy effect into consideration, will not be uncomfortable.

This tank weighs about 30 pounds when it is empty, able to hold a significant amount of air, and has a working pressure of 3000, so refilling the tank is quite easy.

3. Best Scuba Tanks for Small or Short Women Divers: Catalina 63 Aluminum Scuba Tank

The Catalina 63 aluminum scuba tank is a great for young divers and they are high quality tanks that can last quite a while underwater, about 30 minutes.

However, if you are using this tank, use a double or carry a back-up tank with you as the working pressure is about 3000 psi, and you must not go more than 10 meters deep with this tank.

Overall, the tank is great for starting out as a diver, doesn’t really weigh much and it is perfect for divers who are on a budget.

4. Best Scuba Tanks for Small or Short Divers: SMACO Mini Scuba Tank

SMACO mini scuba tank

If you want a physically small tank that can hold a good amount of gas, the SMACO mini scuba tank are pretty good.

However, they only lasts for up to 25 minutes, so it is always best to use this tank as an emergency air supply, you can pair with an HP80 or AL80; the mini scuba tank with a 1.9-liter capacity can also be used on its own just for short or shallow dives.

This scuba tank is DOT and CE certified, made with aircraft aluminum material that can resist corrosion and rust.

You can refill this tank at home if you have an electric pump but the pump must have a pressure of at least 3000 psi.

Overall, this mini scuba tank is a 7/10 for us because of how long it lasts and the price is quite high for a 1.9- liter scuba tank.

5. Best Scuba Tanks for Small or Short Divers: MWEIMA Scuba and Snorkel Tank

This twin scuba only supports 5-10 minutes of underwater breathing, so it should be only used for very short dives, or an emergency backup.

The maximum pressure allowed for this tank is about 3000 psi and it comes with a free hand pump.

Apart from the hand pump, we just love how it is great for beginners, so if you are a female diver who is just starting out or trying to test out, this scuba tank is for you.

The body of this MWEIMA tank is made with aircraft aluminum material so it is durable and can resist corrosion for a very long time of use.

It weighs about 7 kg so it is easy to lug on your about and go about your business, one more thing, this scuba tank comes with a real-time pressure gauge  for measuring the condition of the gas in motion or at rest.


While there is no women-specific scuba tanks, there are ones that can still lug comfortably behind a diver with a small body.

As a female diver with a short or small framed body, a scuba tank with a shorter height than average is usually your best bet to avoid cramps around your neck area; however long you want the tank to last underwater depend on your budget.

If you are thinking of buying any of these scuba tanks for a novice diver, make sure to supervise them while they use it as each tanks has an almost specific amount of time it can last underwater.

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