The 5 Best Snorkel Masks For Asian Facial Features And Small Noses

Often due to the less prominent facial features, like the cheekbones and small nose, it can be difficult to find the right fitting dive or snorkel mask for an Asian diver.

As a diver myself with a majority of Asian friends who are divers, I understand their struggle to find the perfect dive mask that would suit their unique facial features and flat noses.

However, they are have been a few brands who have come around to putting those with the less prominent facial features, into consideration, brands like Tusa and Mares.

In this guide, I will be listing and reviewing the best dive/snorkel masks for Asian facial features, our favorite picks, and more.

Top 5 Snorkel Masks For Asian Facial Features And Flat/Small Noses

Just like they are snorkel masks for people with big noses, the possibility of “every” kind of snorkel or dive mask also fitting properly on a typical Asian is rare.

This means that they are a special type of mask that fit their less prominent facial features properly. I will be listing and reviewing our favorite picks based on first-hand experience.

Let’s get started.

1. Best cheapest snorkel masks for Asian faces and flat noses: OMGear Snorkel Mask

Best cheapest snorkel masks for Asian faces and flat noses

Apart from this mask being the most budget-friendly snorkel mask for Asian facial features and people with flat noses, it also features a camera mount.

It comes in a variety of colors, adjustable and comfortable straps, and a soft nose pocket that allows this mask to fit almost any face type.

The mask is Anti-fog, however, you may need to prep it with toothpaste or baby shampoo on your first-ever use.

This OMGear mask is absolutely the best mask for the price, however, the only minor downside is it doesn’t look attractive without attaching a GoPro camera on it, otherwise the mask is great!

Special features:

  • Durable
  • A camera mount base
  • Anti-fog design 
  • Does not leak due to the silicone skirt design
  • Tempered glass lens

2. Best wide view snorkel masks for flat noses and Asian faces: Cressi Big Eye Dive Mask

Best wide view snorkel masks for flat noses and Asian faces

Honestly, Cressi never fails to deliver, their water activities masks are top-notch, if you are a diver, you should know this.

This mask is made of silicone, the most comfortable material. It offers the best wide view with the tempered glass lens.

If you have vision problems and less prominent facial features, you may want to invest in this mask as it has a prescription lens available. It also features a large lens for a wider view underwater.

The big eye by Cressi is comfortable in every aspect and fits perfectly on persons with small or flat noses, even Asian faces.

Special features:

  • Made with smooth and soft silicone
  • Tempered lens
  • Large glass lens for good wide view angles
  • Anti-leak design
  • Good sealing around the face

3. Best anti-fog snorkel masks for flat noses and Asian faces: Tusa Freedom Elite Snorkel Mask

Just like Cressi, the Tusa brand makes great anti-fog snorkel masks, if you are struggling with finding the right fitting masks for small noses or Asian faces, this mask is perfect for you. Why?

This Tusa M-1003 freedom elite diving mask rarely fogs no matter how times you use it. It features a single lens that offers the best comfort with adjustable straps.

I love this mask, it was one of the first masks I recommended to my Philippin inlaw in 2019 and he still uses it till date.

So it is perfect it for Asian build. It always stays dry as it has an anti-leak feature plus the silicone skirt fits smaller noses and low nose bridges.

Special features:

  • Silicone skirt
  • Seals well
  • Great visibility in and out of the water
  • Fog resistant lens design

4. Best silicone nose pocket dive mask for Asian facial features: Luxpard Snorkel Mask

Best silicone nose pocket dive mask for Asian facial features

This mask fits most faces, I am not Asian but I own this mask among many others and one thing I love about this mask is its lens coating that prevents sun glares.

You can scuba dive with this mask too, although it somehow resembles a full-face snorkel mask, it is way better.

This is because of the fresh air snorkel tube that prevents you from rebreathing your exhaled CO2.

The liquid silicone nose pocket makes it extremely comfortable for almost anyone including anyone with an Asian build.

Special features:

  • The lens that prevents the sun glares
  • Fit most face shapes
  • A single lens for easy cleaning
  • Made with liquid silicone material
  • No leaks

5. Best mirrored lens snorkel mask for flat noses and Asian faces: Mares X-Vision Snorkel Mask

Best mirrored lens snorkel mask for flat noses and Asian faces

Mirrored lenses are entirely popular but they are known to increase vision in cloudy waters. They minimize the reflection of Sandy seabed.

This snorkel mask also features soft grips around the nose pocket, so it also would work for someone with a large nose.

It’s lightweight and weighs about 0.397 pounds, which makes it easy to carry about. It comes with a protective case in case you may want to store your mask away for a long time or traveling.

Even though it is a bit on the expensive side, I will recommend this to anyone with an Asian facial build. It even seals properly with facial hair.

Special features:

  • Perfect snug fit
  • Low volume
  • Mirrored lenses
  • Great field of vision
  • Perfect for people with beards


Finding the right fitting snorkel or diving mask for your Asian facial features can be a hard nut to crack sometimes.

This is because most water activities mask come with large nose pockets, which will not serve an Asian person well underwater.

However, in this guide, I have listed the best dive or snorkel masks for Asian faces and even people with small noses. This list was compiled based on first experience and real-life experiments, so it is not misleading.

Overall, for our favorite pick we recommend the Tusa freedom elite mask, it has a lot of features that can serve almost any facial feature.

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