Can I Sew a Label onto the Outside of My Wetsuit? Answered

Can I Sew a Label onto the Outside of My Wetsuit? Answered

Do you want to know if you can sew a label onto the outer part of your wetsuit?

Wetsuits are very important gear for anything water related; it provides protection and warmth.

Every one of them comes with its branding, styles, and designs; lots of people may want to further personalize it to their taste.

They may decide to add labels, embroidery, or patches on them.

However, the major question that always arises is if it is possible and recommended to sew a label onto the outside of a wetsuit.

In this guide, you will learn if you can sew a label on the outside of a wetsuit, and how safe it is.

Can I Sew a Label onto the Outside of My Wetsuit?

Even though it is normal to want to personalize your wetsuit, sewing a label directly onto the outside might not be the best idea.

This is not to say that it cannot be done, we don’t just recommend it because of the following reasons:

1. Most wetsuits are made with Neoprene

Before you attempt to sew anything onto your wetsuit, it is very important to understand the chief material used in making them.

Usually, wetsuits are made from neoprene; a strong, stretchy, waterproof, and insulating synthetic rubber.

The properties of Neoprene allow the wearer a comfortable movement and flexibility during any water-related activities.

So this means sewing through neoprene may cause it to lose its flexibility and waterproof abilities. 

2. Efficiency may reduce

We believe adding a label to the outside of your wetsuit by sewing may affect its performance in the water.

That is why any attachment with a needle or anything sharp could create drag, reducing the wetsuit’s hydrodynamics and its general efficiency.

The Best Alternative To Sewing Labels On The Outside Of A Wetsuit

If you really must personalize your wetsuit might not be ideal, there are alternative ways to do this without compromising your gear’s functionality.

So instead of sewing labels consider using adhesive patches or stickers like these.

There are designed specifically for neoprene material and are less invasive and can be easily removed when you no longer want them.

Also, they won’t penetrate the wetsuit’s exterior, loosen its elasticity, or cause leakage.

The second alternative if personalization is a must, is to consider sewing the label or patch onto the inside of the wetsuit instead.

This is tricky but doing it this way allows you to still add a personal touch without ruining your wetsuit too much.

However, ensure that the sewing is neat, flat, and done with a tiny needle like this one.

So as to prevent leakage, discomfort, or irritation while you have the suit on.


And that is all there is to know about sewing labels on a wetsuit, and if it is a yes or no.

In summary, you should consider adhesive patches or labels instead of sewing them on to prevent the unique qualities of your suit from being altered.

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