Best ScubaPro Jet Fins Alternatives That Are Lightweight

If you are a professional diver, you will know that jet fins are one of the best diving accessories you can own.

One of the most important things to consider before buying diving fins is their weight, as you are going to be using them underwater, you will need something lightweight and flexible.

And that is what the jet fins design offer, the durability and how lightweight they are, makes them the crowd’s best.

If you find yourself searching for jet fins alternatives online, it might be due to the high demand for jet fins (usually sold out).

Or you feel like jet fins are a bit heavy and you are looking for lighter fins, or that they are well above your budget.

The jet fins design for diving should always be the first thing on any professional scuba diver’s list, as they are one of the most durable fins on the market.

However, if you are curious about other diving fins that come close to the “almighty” jet fins that are lightweight, you can keep reading.

What are the best lightweight alternatives to jet fins?

For a very long time now, the company that makes these jet fin diving fins has been ScubaPro, so generally jet fins are popularly called the ScubaPro jet fins.

But what are the best lightweight alternatives to jet fins by ScubaPro? The best alternatives to jet fins that are also lightweight are as follows in no particular order:

Mares Avanti Quattro-Plus open heel fin

This is one of my favorites, they are so easy to put on and slip off.

They are made with very durable materials that give it lots of kicking power yet they are still very light, almost lighter than the ScubaPro jet fins.

These fins are available in many sizes and colors, they are also designed to minimize ankle twisting. The only downside is that they don’t have spring straps.

XS Scuba Turtle scuba diving fins

Jet fins alternatives

The XS scuba turtle fins are the next best thing. I haven’t used the one Amazon just delivered to me last month.

However, I only bought them because of the positive reviews I saw online.

From what I have seen it has spring straps, which I love, it is mostly used in the military so you can imagine how efficient it is.

It also has a large foot pocket so you do not have to worry about your leg cramping while underwater.

TUSA SF0102 Imprex Duo open heel fins

Tusa is one the most popular brands for anything lifestyle outdoor gears, they are very well known for their snorkeling masks.

Apart from these fins being lightweight, they also have a very high kicking power and a balanced foot space.

If you love buckles on your footwear, these fins have them, they don’t have a spring strap although you can buy a spring strap replacement and install them yourself or by a professional.

Hollis F-1 fins

A good fin, negatively buoyant and lightweight especially if you feel like jet fins are too heavy for you.

They are a bit heavy but still than the ScubaPro jet fins, however, the good news is that they have spring straps on the heels (for more flexibility).

Another good thing is that these fins have a vented blade that helps minimize stress while accelerating water over the blade.

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Even though the ScubaPro jet fins are almost every professional diver’s favorite.

However, some divers do not prefer jet fins, they might prefer more lightweight fins.

In this guide, you will learn more about the ScubaPro jet fins alternatives that are lightweight and more.

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