The 6 Best 3 Tiers Bathroom Caddy For The Money

Do you feel like your bathroom is clustered?

Or you have a lot of body products that needs to be kept in place.

If yes, you won’t really be comfortable doing a lot of things in the shower because of the space.

The solution to a crowded bathroom is a caddy, caddies come in different shapes, tiers, and materials.

Caddies in the bathroom will help you to be able to reach for any product easily while you are in the shower, it will make your bathroom beautiful and give it an aesthetic look.

However, there are a couples of things you should consider if you ever decide to buy a 3 tier bathroom caddy, these things can include the number of products you have, the size of your bathroom, and where you will hang or place it.

So this is why it is essential to do a market survey before buying one, and this post is a sort of market survey that will show you exactly which type of 3 tier shower caddy you need for your bathroom.

Even though there are over thousands of shower caddies, the 3 tiers ones are mostly the most sorted after due to the space it offers.

With that much space, you will get to put a lot of products in it, even if you don’t own a lot of shower products you will find out you will need extra room in the future as you acquire more products.

Things you can keep in a shower or bathroom caddy

There are a lot of things you can keep in your caddy that you keep in the bathroom.

However, those things should be moisture resistance, so if you are going to keep your soap in it, protect it with a tight closed soap dish like this one.

So what and what can one keep in a bathroom caddy? One can keep the following:

  • Soap,
  • Sponges or loofahs,
  • Shampoo bottles,
  • Shaving razors with the cover on,
  • Body and face care products,
  • Tooth paste and toothbrush, and many more.

6 Best 3-Tier Shower Caddy That Are Worth Buying

Best Overall 3 Tier Bathroom Caddy: D-J Bathroom Organizer

Overall best 3 tier bathroom caddy


This space aluminum caddy is perfect for any size of bathroom, D-J is surprisingly the last stop for caddies and their 3 tier space aluminum caddy is the best in the market for now.

It is not the cheapest option but it will definitely last for years.

I’m yet to see a caddy that comes close to the quality and elegance of this D-J shower caddy.

From the two types of installation method to the multifunctional storage, it is one of the best investment you can make for your bathroom.

If you like luxury then you will also like the thick tempered glass design, it gives off this top tier vibes, if you know what I mean.

It has a space to keep your towel and you don’t have to worry about rust because it is made with materials that are rust resistance.

Special features:

  • Has 3 tiers
  • Can fit perfectly in the corner of your bathroom
  • Made with space aluminum, thick tempered glass, and stainless steel
  • 350 x 245 x 570mm
  • You can install it yourself on any wall, including hardware
  • You are free to clean with just water regularly to maintain the bright appearance

Who needs this? It is best for everyone

Best Cheapest 3 Tier Bathroom Caddy: Brookstone Shower Caddy

Cheapest 3 tier shower caddy is by brookstone


If you are looking for caddy that can do the right job but you are on a budget, then this caddy will be the perfect option for you.

This Brookstone aluminum 3 tier shower caddy is just simple and lightweight, with a non-slip silicone top that is easy to care for.

It is designed to fit in almost any shower head so you don’t have to drill any wall to install it in your space, if in the case that you don’t own a shower head, this 3 tier caddy comes with extra suction cups for an easy wall mount.

Special features:

  • 3 tier/shelves
  • Made with aluminum that is rust resistance
  • Shelves come in different colors
  • 11.1” x 25.5” and weighs 1.4 pounds 
  • No drilling required, comes with suction cups and hangers

Who needs this? It is best for anyone on a budget.

Best Metal 3 Tier Bathroom Caddy: iDesign Standing Shower Caddy

3 tier shower caddy for your bathroom


This rust proof standing caddy for shampoos and other cosmetic products, is so versatile that you can use it to hold almost anything in the shower.

It has a durable steel metal finish that stays the same for years to come and also it is suitable for compact spaces.

Special features:

  • It can also be used outside the shower to store toiletries
  • Made with vinyl and alloy steel
  • It has metal basket-like racks that allows easy water drainage while storing your bottles products
  • It does not require any assembly or wall mounting 
  • It can hold big containers of shampoos.
  • 9.5” x 9.5” x 26.25” and it weighs 3.18 pounds.

Who needs this? Just about anyone.

Best Wooden 3 Tier Bathroom Caddy: AquaTeak Bathroom Organizer

Best wooden 3 tier shower Organizer for your bathroom


This caddy is made with 100% Teak wood, a wood from a rare tree commonly found in India.

It is currently one of the most expensive wood in the world.

It is water resistance, this means you can use it in and out of your bathroom.

However, this 3 tier caddy is specially designed for corner spaces, it is sturdy yet durable and the distance between the shelves is 11”.

Special features:

  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It can last for a really long time because of the type of wood used in making it, Teak wood.
  • You don’t have to worry about water ruining it as it is water resistance.
  • It weighs about 11 pounds and product dimensions are 12 x 12 x 26.5 inches.

Who needs this? If you own a lot of products and shampoo bottles.

Best Plastic 3- Tier Bathroom Organizer: ELYKEN Shower Caddy

The best plastic 3-tier bathroom caddy to buy


Plastics are always one of the best caddy materials after stainless steel due it high water resistance and durability.

This ELYKEN caddy will fit into any corner in your bathroom space, there is no need for wall mounting as it can stand on its own, it is great for keeping your shower products off the floor.

Special features:

  • 3 tier/shelves
  • Made with very high quality plastic
  • 14.37” x 11.22” x 22.44” and weighs about 2 pounds (very lightweight)
  • The shelves has drainage holes that allows water to pass out effectively
  • It is height adjustable which means that you can add extra shelves to it, up to 5!

Who needs this? Practically anyone that doesn’t own a lot of shower products.

Best 3-Tier Corner Bathroom Caddy: Purdaz Corner Shower Organizer

Best 3 tier corner bathroom caddy


This is a great caddy for the money, has plenty of rooms for multiple bottles and it even have up to 6 hooks for your shaving razors and hanging other things.

It has a very strong adhesive that can mount on the wall, it can hold up to 15 pounds while mounted on the wall.

The caddy basket is well ventilated for easy liquid drainage in order to keep your products clean and dry.

Special features:

  • Fast drainage system
  • 3 tier or shelves and 6 hooks for shaving razors, towels, or loofahs
  • Water proof and rust resistance
  • Suitable for hanging in a 90 degree corner of the wall

Who needs this? Honestly…anyone who has many shower products and wants to keep them all in one place.

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