The 4 Best Glues For Repairing Swim Goggles That Has A Leak

Best Glues For Repairing Swim Goggles That Has A Leak

Swimming goggles are one of the essential gears needed by a swimmer, as it protects the eyes from direct contact with water.

It also helps divers to see clearly while being submerged in water, certain issues occur with swimming goggles which are rather common like leakage in goggles.

Yes, swimmers love to use swimming goggles but hate the problems that come with them, this is the case with most man-made products nothing is perfect.

One of the main problems that swimmers face with swimming goggles is leakage.

There are a couple of reasons why a goggle might begin to leak, like loose straps, if the nose piece is a faulty, bad, or old seal.

Or sometimes the swimming goggles might be too big and no matter how much one adjusts the strap it would always leak because it is not the right size for the swimmer’s face.

If you are facing a problem of a bad or loose seal on your swimming googles that causes it to leak and you want to fix it up by using glue.

But you are wondering what type of glue would get the job done, there are few good types of glue out there that you can use and we have listed them in this guide.


4 Best Glues For Repairing Swim Goggles That Has A Leak

The best type of glue to use to stop your swimming goggles from leaking should be clear silicone glue because they are stronger and more reliable.

And can hold together certain materials like that which swimming goggles are made from a whole lot better and not lose their grip even while in water.

Let’s get started.

1. Best glues for repairing swim goggles with a leak: STAR BRITE Silicone Sealant

This silicone glue comes in black, white, and clear colors, but it is better to choose the clear color as it makes it less obvious that glue has been used on your goggles. 

This way you can retain the beauty of the goggles and enjoy your swimming activities with your goggles as much as you wish to. 

It is waterproof, seals up many objects well, it is resistant to high and low temperatures, and it is not toxic.

2. Best glues for repairing swim goggles with a leak: Loctite Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant

This silicone glue bonds silicone to silicone, silicone to other materials, rubber, and a lot more with ease, and it has a long-lasting grip without worry of it falling off. 

It is very good for sealing swimming goggles or even a snorkel mask* that leaks, the older this glue gets the stronger it gets.

This applies when it is still in the tube as well, it is safe and not toxic and can be applied to a variety of materials.

3. Best glues for repairing swim goggles with a leak: Permatex 80050 Clear RTV Silicone Glue

This glue from Permatex works wonders, they even have the motto “Permatex. Always Right On The Job”.

This silicone glue is easy to use and even if you are using it for the first time it will likely still get the job done just as well.

This glue can be used at workplaces, homes, schools, and on a variety of materials not just on swimming gear; it is even reported to have been used on vehicle parts too.

4. Best glue to use on swimming goggles that leak: ELEpure Translucent Silicone Glue

This silicone glue is a waterproof glue made to be used on a variety of objects; works well on metal, rubber, wood, plastic, and so on.

And this makes it a good choice for gluing up leaking swimming goggles or anything that water would touch afterward.

It is odorless, has strong adhesion, resistant to high and low temperatures so that while swimming in cool temperatures you do not have to worry about it losing its grip.


And those are the best glues for repairing swim goggles, snorkel, or dive masks with a leak.

However, the fact that these silicone glues listed above work well in keeping your swimming goggles intact and sealing them from leaking, it is always advisable to buy new swimming goggles when it starts leaking.

This is because this fix of using glue to repair your goggles won’t last forever and most swimming goggles have a short life span depending on how frequently they are used that is.

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