Sea Drops Anti Fog For Snorkel Masks Review

anti-fog solution by Sea Drops that can defog your dive and snorkel masks

Do you need something to help defog your snorkel masks?

If yes, you may have probably heard about the anti-fog solution by Sea Drops that can defog your dive and snorkel masks in under minutes.

Whether you are a professional or beginner snorkeler or diver, you must have at one point or many experienced fogging.

There are a lot of DIYs on the internet on how to defog a fogged-up snorkel mask, things like toothpaste, spittle, and baby shampoo are being used these days.

However, if you are not into DIYs, and you want to try out commercial anti-fogs, in this case, the Sea Drops anti-fog by GEAR AID, this guide is for you.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to about the Sea Drops anti-fog cleaner for snorkel and dive masks, its pros and cons, and more.

What is the Sea Drops anti-fog lens cleaner?

The Sea Drops anti-fog lens cleaner is a solution made specifically for defogging fogged-up dive masks and snorkel masks.

It is one of the anti-fogs products that are very popular now in the market and this cleaner also comes in the form of gel and spray.

It is made in such a way that once you use it on your masks, it is supposed to clear all the haziness and fogginess from it so that you can enjoy a clearer view underwater.

They have also claimed that the ingredients contained in this solution harm the surroundings (rubber or silicone) of your snorkel or dive mask.

However, they cannot be used on swim goggles or dry lenses because some of the ingredients in the anti-fog solution do not agree with the material used in making them.

What does the Sea Drops anti-fog solution do to snorkel masks?

As written on the company store, the anti-fog solution by GEAR AID is perfect for removing any haziness and fogging from your snorkel and dive masks.

It gives your mask a clearer view while you are underwater and prevent fogging without irritating your eyes, saves you the time of resorting to home products like baby shampoo and toothpaste as it promises to last longer.

As it is easy to apply to your snorkel masks, it cannot harm the materials surrounding your masks, be it rubber, plastic, silicone, or glass.

My Honest Review On The Sea Drops Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner By GEAR AID

Ever since I bought and used this cleaner, it has somehow won a special place in my heart.

Normally I would resort to DIYs like using toothpaste and the rest to clear up defogging from my snorkel masks, which works by the way.

However, this anti-fog cleaner (not the spray) has saved me a lot of time and energy, how come? You may ask.

Well, even though they work, whenever I use something like baby shampoo or toothpaste to defog my dive AKA snorkel masks, the are no instructions on how much or how little to use, in what direction to apply, and so forth.

With this anti-fog, they are instructions, directions and I love those, it is just a case of choosing to drive an automatic car over a manual car.

You are sure of what you are using on your mask and that while you are trying to defog your snorkel mask, you are not indirectly ruining the surrounding parts.

Another thing I love about this product is that comes in a nice travel-size bottle, so portable that I can just pack it in my snorkel kit and I wouldn’t even notice the weight.

How to use the Sea Drops anti-fog lens cleaner by GEAR AID

I rarely snorkel these days but when I do, I always make sure to check if my snorkel mask is fogged up.

If yes, this is how I use my Sea Drops anti-fog cleaner to defog my snorkel masks.

  1. I usually apply 2 drops of the cleaner to the inside of each lens of my snorkel mask,
  2. Then I use my fingers to spread evenly across each lens,
  3. Next, I also gently scrub with my fingers to remove any build-up dirt or grease.
  4. Finally, I rinse thoroughly and I can use it almost immediately.

So this is how I use the Sea Drop anti-fog lens cleaner on my snorkel and diving masks, as you can see it is as simple as 123.

What are the cons of the Sea Drops anti-fog lens cleaner?

As far as I know, the only con of Sea Drops anti-fog lens cleaner is that they cannot be used on swim goggles.

I don’t like this because it means that if you also own swim goggles, you have to buy the special spray too.

Nevertheless, this isn’t quite a con per se as this special spray that is made for swimming goggles can also be used for snorkel masks, dive masks, and even sunglasses too.


Fogging up of masks that we use underneath the water is a common thing, and many at times most people do not feel comfortable with DIYs.

If you are looking for a professional way to defog your snorkel mask, diving masks, or even swimming goggles, GEAR AID has a lot of products in their store that can help with this issue.

This product will give you a long-lasting defog as long as you have applied it in the correct ways by reading thoroughly all the instructions in this guide.

Disclaimer: this review is personal and it is solely based on my personal experiences towards the GEAR AID Sea Drops anti-fog lens cleaner. Please do note that your experience may differ.

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