How To Attach Spring Straps On Jet Fins By Yourself

How To Put Spring Straps On Jet Fins By Yourself

If you use jet fins as a diver, you may at a point have discovered spring straps.

If yes, you may be wondering how to install them on your jet fins?

Jet fins do not always come with spring straps. So many may resort to buying replacement straps just to replace the regular rubber heel strap.

Spring straps are the best to me as they are elastic, it gives you more room for leg adjustment in and out of the water, unlike rubber straps that are easily cut, hard to adjust, and not as elastic.

You can always purchase a spring strap online or in walk-in stores near you, and you can also install them on your without the need of visiting a dive shop.

The procedure for putting spring straps on your jet fins is pretty much straightforward, in this guide, you will learn what spring straps are, how to install spring straps on your jet fins, the pros of spring straps, and more.

What are spring straps?

Spring straps are the kind of straps that are elastic that is mostly seen on diving fins.

They are a new design started by SCUBA world by storm that has more tensile strength as opposed to silicone and rubber straps.

These straps are more lightweight and highly adored by professional divers all around the world.

If you are considering buying spring straps for your jet fins, here are a couple of pros why you should go ahead and buy them:

  • You won’t have to adjust them all the time,
  • They are more durable than regular straps,
  • They can withstand the corrosiveness of salt water,
  • They can adapt to any heel size or length,
  • Spring straps make it easier to slip your dive fins on and off.

How do you install spring straps on your jet fins by yourself?

To install spring straps on your diving jet fins, you will be very careful not to cause damage to your fins in the process.

Additionally, you will be needing just a pair of pliers and a page from any old newspaper. Let’s get started.

Please note: the type of spring fin strap I will be using in this tutorial is the pin-style Scuba Choice spring strap.

  1. Spread your newspaper page on a flat surface and get your plier ready,
  2. Bring your fins and place them on newspaper, dry them off completely with a dry towel if you haven’t already,
  3. Take the plier and pull on the buckle gently so that the pin that holds the buckle together falls off.
  4. Next, yank on the buckle so that it falls off, repeat on the other side too. This step requires a lot of gentle tugging, however, you have to be careful not to rip the buckle holder since the rubber is not exactly strong.
  5. Get ready your spring straps, place them in such a way that the round part of the strap fits into the rounded part of the fins.
  6. Now, fit the spring strap pins into the little holes that you removed the buckles from (see photo below), once the pins are in, you can then use the pliers to clamp them tightly together. Repeat on all sides of the fins too.
Install spring straps on your jet fins by yourself
Photo by thegirlunderwater

And that is how to successfully install spring straps on a jet fin on your own. Super easy right?


Spring straps are far better than regular rubber or silicone straps, this is because they provide more room for heel expansion and flexibility.

This tutorial is basically for the standard spring straps, if you use the Atomic or Bungee spring straps, you may have to seek a professional’s help. Even though fixing in any type of spring strap replacement is almost self-explanatory.

Sometimes in the package of the spring straps, there is usually an instruction manual that you can look up for help. If not, the steps in this guide should be able to help you do install it yourself on any jet fins.

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