The 5 Best Silicone Swim Caps For Long Hair

Silicone swim caps were manufactured to be an alternative for other swim caps like the latex swim caps which some people seemed to have allergies for.

It went on to become one of the most popular and most used swim caps in the business.

The silicone swim cap has a variety of characteristics that makes it one of the best swim caps used by professional swimmers:

  • It is made up of flexible silicone hence the name silicone swim cap.
  • It does not give allergic reactions of any kind.
  • It is shiny which makes it easy to spot.
  • There are some silicone swim caps with multiple colors on a single swim cap.
  • It is a bit thicker than other swim caps allowing for a tighter grip and better protection against chlorine in pools.
  • It has a good neutral smell.

These are all characteristics that are found in silicone swim caps even when made by different manufacturing companies.

Now as a swimmer is your interest in finding the best silicone swim caps for long hair to help you have the best experience while you engage in swimming competitions and all that, well this article has got you covered.

Let’s take a look at some of these swim caps below:

1. Best Silicone Swim Caps For Long Hair: SWIM ELITE silicone swim cap

This is a very effective unisex silicone swim cap, highly durable, long lasting and thick for firm grip on the head as you embark on your swimming journey.

It is flexible, waterproof, has nose clip, it keeps your hair dry and it stretches well to cover your head well.

This swim cap allows for enough space for long hair so it is wide enough, it covers the ear of the swimmer for protection against chemicals in the pool.

It also has nose clips to prevent water from entering the nose; pair it with a good swim goggles and you are good to go.

It is made up of pure quality silicone, it is elastic and stretches for perfect fit for long, short, curly or even thick.

It is smooth and easy to wear for maximum comfort.

This silicone swim cap helps to reduce drag, it streamlines water flow for reduction of resistance while you swim.

It is easy to put on and take off without being bothered about it pulling out your hair.

The elasticity and stretchiness allows for a non-slip fit.

Extra Features:

  • It has just one size, but still has perfect fit on both short or long hair thanks to the stretchiness and elasticity.
  • It mostly comes in black, but has a variety of colors.
  • Has an easy three step putting on system.
  • Comes with nose clip, to prevent water from getting into your nose.

2. Best Silicone Swim Caps For Long Hair: Alepo swim cap

The Alepo silicone swim cap has a 3D ear protection, it is durable and it is available for both males and females and kids as well.

It is an amazing silicone swim cap that gives you the comfort and protection you need while swimming.

This silicone swim cap is not harmful to the skin unlike some other swim caps made from other materials, it does not tear.

It is highly durable, it is made from 100% premium quality silicone material.

It stretches well due to its excellent elasticity, with a safe and secure silicone material.

It protects your hair at all times from bacteria and chlorine and any other harmful substance in the pool, this is to make sure you have a wonderful and safe swimming experience.

Extra Features:

  • Comes with a pair of  ear plugs to prevent water from getting into your ears
  • Also has a pair of nose clips that stops water from entering into your nose as you swim
  • Has a 3D ergonomic design, this gives the swim cap a shape of human skull; this allows for comfortable fit on the head, and also not to drag the hair as you take it off.
  • It comes in various colors.
  • Works very well for both short and long hair.

3. Best Silicone Swim Caps For Long Hair: TYR silicone swim cap

The TYR silicone swim cap is a popular product, used by a lot of professional swimmers.

I have made use of this products a few times as well and it does do a remarkable job.

It offers good protection against substances in the water, does not drag your hair as you take it off, and it has a comfortable fit on your head.

It was made specifically to accommodate long hair while still getting the job done for those with short hair.

This cap helps to reduce pressure around the head despite the swimmer having long hair, it is constructed with 100% silicone.

Extra Features:

  • It helps to reduce drag while submerged in water and makes you swim faster.
  • It is highly durable, does not tear.
  • Not prone to causing any kind of allergies.
  • Comes in multiple colors.

4. Best Silicone Swim Caps For Long Hair: Dsane silicone swim cap

We have the fourth silicone swim cap for long on the list and it is just as good as every other one I have mentioned so far.

It is a unisex swim cap that comes with a pair of ear plugs and nose clip.

Dsane silicone swim cap is tear resistant, despite being thicker than swim caps made from latex it stretches and has a good grip on head and it doesn’t tangle up your hair.

It is also made from an odorless, allergy-free and toxin-free silicone that protects you from harmful substances in water.

Extra Features:

  • Made ideally for long hairs, but works beautifully for short hairs as well.
  • It comes with an accessory kit, where the ear plugs and nose clips are kept among a few other things.
  • It has a record of great performance.
  • It comes in multiple colors, so anyone that beat suits you.

5. Best Silicone Swim Caps For Long Hair: Blackace Arteesol silicone swimming cap

This is the last on this short-list I have written out, this does not in anyway make it the least effective and reliable swim cap.

It is a unisex swim cap used by both adults and older kids.

Blackace has a thick but stretches well enough to cover your long hair, without dragging you hair and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

This swim cap has a special ear pocket which prevents water from getting into your ear as you swim, this gives a wonderful swimming experience.

Extra Features:

  • This swim cap has a non-slip design system.
  • It always keeps your hair dry, and protects your ears as you swim.
  • It is highly elastic and very comfortable.
  • This swim cap stretches easily to fit both long and short hairs.
  • It has a high fashion design with 7 different colors to match whatever swimming outfit you have on.

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