The 5 Best Swim Goggles For Asian Faces

As an individual you would have at some point come across what swim goggles look like, maybe by watching the Olympics or in magazines or it could be just by surfing the internet, either one.

This might lead you to wondering what swim goggles are and what they do, and why swimmers do not go swimming without them.

Swim goggles are the attachment of two clear plastics held together by a rim made of rubber or silicone, and a rubber strap which is used to set the goggles around the head that allows swimmers to see clearly underwater.

It also protect their eyes from any harmful substance in the pool.

Asian swimmers have difficulty making use to regular swim goggles because Asians naturally have a different face structure than most regular people.

This let’s for the swim goggles other people use to slip off their head while submerged in water or sometimes gets foggy because of Asians unique set of eyes.

The Asian fit goggles rectifies the nose-bridge gap by completely sealing it around the eyes with an extra foam layer for a clear and comfortable water experience.

In this article I would give you a short-list of effective swim goggles, which are recorded to work perfectly for asian faces.

Yes! the Speedo swim goggles making company dedicated themselves to making sure they provide exceptional Asia fit swim goggles for Asian faces.

1. Best Swim Goggles For Asian Faces: Speedo Vue mirror swim goggles

This swim goggle was designed specifically for Asian faces as is suggested in the name.

It gives a unique style, good performance and a wonderful standard in underwater vision.

It has a different type made particularly for Asian ladies.

This swim goggles covers every aspect possible for the best experience in water.

It has a wonderful lens technology, a beautiful design style.

This swim goggles helps you push your limits, it was made with premium materials with specific engineering to guarantee a wonderful swimming experience.

Extra Features:

  • Enhanced peripheral vision.
  • Ultimate style with mirror lens that reduces brightness.
  • It has a well designed side clip that allows for quick and simple adjustment and good fit.
  • Accommodates both male and female faces with it’s style, size, and shape.
  • Vision is long lasting due to its anti-fog technology.

2. Best Swim Goggles For Asian Faces: Speedo Virtue mirror female swim goggles

As I mentioned under the first goggles on the list about a speedo swim google made specifically for Asian women, this is one of those goggles.

Even with the fact that the Speedo Vue mirror goggles can be used by either gender, this one works only for ladies allowing them to have the best experience they can while in the pool.

It has a V-class eyewear style and performance that delivers beautiful underwater vision.

They considered every aspect when making this goggles for optimal vision, unique designs and a perfect fit on the face of any Asian female. It is really a wonderful piece of work.

Extra Features:

  • It has long lasting vision, this is due to the unique anti-fog technology.
  • It’s shape, style and size are made to be a perfect match for female faces.
  • No mound formation, this is eliminated by the anti-microbial seal.
  • It is leak free, fits well and leaves little or no mark around the eye after usage.

3. Best Swim Goggles For Asian Faces: Speedo Fastskin hyper elite mirror

This particular swim google is one of the most successful goggle product in the swim google industry.

The Fastskin hyper elite is filled with technological inputs that enhances its performance.

This swim goggles gives every professional simmer the chance to be the best, it is used by the worlds top athletes, it is a universal swim goggle for all kinds of faces not just specific to Asians.

This product has celebrated 10 years since it was launched across the world and it is still one of the leading swim goggles to ever be in the game.

Extra Features:

  • Beautiful peripheral vision, with excellent head movement and hydroscopic lens.
  • It gives a good fit due to its one-piece racing strap that has a tensioning scale.
  • It has a dual-shot construction.
  • Provides comfort, speed and durability with its vertical looking system and nose bridges.

4. Best Swim Goggles For Asian Faces: Speedo Aquapulse pro mirror swim goggles

As I stated above, this manufacturing industry has gone to lengths to give Asians a verity of swim goggles to choose from specifically made for them, be it a universal goggle or not.

This is an improved version of the Aquapulse max 2 which was a huge success in giving Asian swimmers wonderful swimming experiences.

The Aquapulse pro pushes past the boundaries of its predecessor with a construction that is frameless.

It has a new sidearm design, it takes the performance of its user to the next level.

It can be used by both regular and professional swimmers

Extra Features:

  • It has UV protection with anti-fog coated lens.
  • It has one-piece frameless construction.
  • Very stable with its sidearm which also allows for reduced head tension.
  • Has a patented tension scale for perfect fit.
  • Brightness is reduced with the orange gold mirror lens.

5. Best Swim Goggles For Asian Faces: Speedo Fastskin elite mirror swim goggles

The speedo Fastskin elite swim goggle has a design for Asian faces just every other on in this list, this one was designed specifically for the top athletes in the world.

This swim goggle was made for racing, it has a hydrodynamic design with a low profile that reduces drag and allows for maximum speed when submerged in water.

This goggle technology is regarded as the most advanced among the other speedo products.

That means despite it having its own point of focus, it is just as good and unique as the other products.

It reduces marks around the eyes, does not leak in anyway so it always protects the eye of its user, and has a secure fit.

Extra Features:

  • Built for racing and ideal for outdoor swimming.
  • Brightness is reduced due to the mirror lens.
  • Protection from UV lights with anti-fog coated lens.
  • Aligns perfectly with its fit point markers.
  • Gives unique fit with its goggle strap with a tensioning scale that is patented.

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