Are There Any Snorkel Masks That Fit Over Glasses?

use prescription glasses and you are interested in snorkeling

Do you use prescription glasses and you are interested in snorkeling while having them on?

Well, you cannot because there aren’t any snorkel masks that are made to fit over glasses, at least not yet.

Not even full-face snorkel masks or swim goggles can. Why?

Because glasses are usually comfortable worn at a particular distance away from your eyes and once you are inside the water, a snorkel mask may push the glass closer or further from your eyes.

When this happens, a leak can occur and that beats the purpose of putting on a snorkel mask in the first place.

However, all hope is not lost because they are ways you can get around snorkeling with glasses.

In this guide, you will learn how to snorkel with glasses? snorkel masks that fit over glasses, alternatives to prescription snorkel masks, snorkel masks for glasses, and more.

How to snorkel with glasses?

While there is no way you can snorkel with glasses on as your glasses can interfere with the functionality of the snorkel mask.

Snorkel masks are meant to help keep water from distorting your vision underwater. So if you wear glasses underneath them, a leak can occur thereby beating it’s purpose.

However, you can get a prescription snorkel mask, or use a contact lens (not recommended) if you have vision problems but still need to snorkel.

Although prescription snorkel masks are a bit on the expensive side, they are the best alternative for people with vision problems who snorkel.

And in the case where you want to consider snorkeling with prescription contact lenses on, it is not recommended.


Because if you do end up getting water inside your eyes due to a mask leak, the feeling can be very uncomfortable, especially with hard contacts.

Not just that, the possibility that your contacts may float away or get stuck in your eyes when it comes in contact with water is extremely high.

In summary, the best way to snorkel if you have vision problems is to get a prescription snorkel mask from a legitimate medical practitioner.

The best alternative to prescription snorkel masks

As I have mentioned, it is not recommended to snorkel with glasses on even if you are going to be using a full face mask which is dangerous.

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The best alternative for snorkelers with vision problems who may not be able to afford prescription snorkel masks are as follows:

1. Make your own prescription snorkel mask

If you snorkel a lot and prescription snorkel masks are a bit above your budget, you can modify your glasses to fit into the lens of your mask.

How to do this:

You can take it to a dive shop for it to be done by a professional, however, if you are handy you may be able to do this at home by yourself.

Let’s get started.

  1. You are going to remove your glasses from the frame (make sure you have an extra pair of glasses that you wear on land) with a screwdriver, do this gently until you just have two lenses on your palm.
  2. Next, put on your mask to note where your eyes are mostly centered on. Do this in front of a mirror and use a temporary marker to mark them.
  3. Remove the mask, clean and dry the inside part, now apply super glue around the edges of the glasses you just removed from its frame.
  4. Next, press the glued side of the glasses firmly on the inside lens of your snorkel mask exactly on the part you marked with the temporary marker.
  5. Now, clean the marker and clean the entire mask thoroughly and you’re all set!

This is an inexpensive way to make your own prescription snorkel mask, however, you must not do it with glasses you are currently using as it is permanent, hence the super glue.

2. Buy a snorkel mask with a drop-in corrective lens

This is also an effective option if you are not okay with the gluing method.

These types of masks will make it easier for you to insert your optic lenses comfortably. You can get around $60 or so. You can check out the reviews on the Cressi first dive mask as well as their corrective optical lens.

Snorkel masks that allows you to mount any power of optical lenses on are the best in the market now for snorkellers with vision problems. They are budget-friendly and we recommend the Cressi first dive mask (view on Amazon)

However, if you don’t snorkel often, it is almost available to hire at any dive shop near you all you need do is just mount your corrective lens on them and use.

⚠️Note: Before you purchase corrective you have to make sure that you are buying the correct lens power as they come in different lens power. So check your initial eye prescription or ask your doctor for it.

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If you have vision problems, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the wonders underwater.

Although getting a prescription snorkel mask is the solution, they are other budget-friendly alternatives that have been listed in this guide.

With the little knowledge, you have gathered from this post, you will be to achieve a sharp and clearer vision while snorkeling and other related activities.

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