The TUSA M-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask [Honest Review]

tusa m-1001 hd freedom mask review

Scuba diving is a fun activity but mostly considered as a water sport, meaning that not everyone does it as a sport some do it for the fun of it, some for research purposes on marine life. 

Scuba diving is an underwater swimming activity where you make use of scuba equipment such as swimming, diving mask, wetsuit, dive regulator, scuba tank, etc.

TUSA has been the go-to brand for water sport equipment, they make one of the best diving mask to help divers have the best underwater experience while they go diving.

My Personal Review Of The m-1001 freedom HD Scuba Dive Mask By TUSA

This is the latest design of scuba diving mask to come from freedom technology.

This mask has the best incredible wide field vision with a single lens.

Note that this mask can also be used for snorkeling, it can be called a snorkel mask too.

The mask maintains a low profile by looking casual and not too fancy, yet it still has a 180° buckle system that allows for it to fit properly on any face or nose pocket size.

The mask has a good fit on the face, the framing is very flexible, it has enough strap so it can be adjusted to any face size, the soft frame allows for it to fit well on the face without causing any pain or discomfort. 

It has a big field view, which allows for easy viewing of different angles. It was made to fit in on faces with a lot of moustache and beard without them feeling uncomfortable.

It has a very clear and sharp view, the quality of its constructs a very improved vision underwater which allows for perfect diving.

It does not leak, so water doesn’t get in and it doesn’t hurt the nose of its wearers.

The TUSA m-1001 HD Scuba Diving Mask: Freedom Model

The TUSA m-1001 HD scuba diving mask was enhanced by freedom technologies to fit and perform well, they are exclusive to TUSA.

This freedom model mask has a dimpled skirt surface and stabilized ridges with silicone thickness with a low friction skirt surface on its fitting line.

The structure of every persons face is unique to itself, and it is common for every diver to experience discomfort or pressure or the diving mask squeezing their face in one way or the other while underwater.

TUSA engineers took it upon themselves to try their very best to solve this problem for divers, and they spent several years on analyzing facial bine structure, mask fit and mouth movement.

The result of this analysis that took years was freedom technology, a revolutionary technology company that delivers new mask features, a very superior fit, comfort and increased performance, and this mask is one of these new better, and effective masks.

Summarized Features Of The TUSA m-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask

Under this heading I will be discussing some of the special features of the TUSA m-1001 freedom mask, exactly what makes it the best and my favorite TUSA mask.

Let’s get started.

180 buckle system: This buckle allows for it to rotate at least 180 degrees to accommodate different head sizes for better fit. The masks thin frame allows for it to be folded to compact size.

3D mask strap: TUSA 3D strap is a three dimensional design that fits the curves of various heads naturally. The strap gives comfort and fit.

Panoramic view: This offers an incredible wide field-of-view. It reduces frame structure and reduces three and four window style for maximum comfort.

Adjustable buckle system: This has a newly design low profile buckle, it is a compact technologically advance mask design that allows for easy and quick adjustability for it to fit well.

Round edge skirt: The round edge of this TUSA freedom HD mask allows for a soft fit and also suppresses pressure. it is made with silicone which improves the comfort for any wearer.

It is almost as if when the edge skirt of the mask touches the face it allows for a perfect fit with thin edge lines on the face without causing crease.

More Features:

  • A side field of view.
  • A five position angle strap macro-adjuster.
  • Comes in colors like black, blue and yellow.

 About and History of TUSA

TUSA is a scuba gear manufacturing company, one of the first in fact, it was founded in 1952 by a Mr. Tabata.

It is said that he started making gears from his home garage. He made swimming goggles all handmade masks by himself.

TUSA has made sure that they manufacture sports equipment from some of the finest materials in the world, with a commitment to standard quality and everything nice..

TUSA’s headquarters is in Japan, Mr. Tabata has made sure that his company operates under the very best standards available. It has ISO 9001 design, testing, engineering and manufacturing facilities.

TUSA industries was the company to introduce manufactured crystal silicone mask skirts and the first range of colors to equipment used by divers.  

Till date the company is still top of the line with the entire product line, which include snorkeling, swimming gear and a lot of other sporting goods.

TUSA no doubt has had a significant amount of impact in the shaping of future diving, and TUSA team are no doubt going to continue to improve watersport and scuba experience for the generation to come.

Disclaimer: this review is personal and it is solely based on my personal experiences towards the TUSA m-1001 freedom mask. Please do note that your experience may differ.

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